Hello, my name is Luciano.

I am a designer and photographer residing in Toronto, Canada, with a rich and diverse background in the field.

My journey into photography began more than two decades ago during my university years when I first laid my hands on an old, fully mechanical Nikon FM2 camera. This encounter marked a profound shift in my perspective, not only on photography but also on the world around me. It ignited a passion for photography that has been at the core of my professional life.

Over the years, I have delved into various facets of photography, including photojournalism, studio work, advertising, street photography, editorial projects, and event photography. I intentionally avoided confining myself to a single genre. Rather than limiting my creative expression, this approach has allowed me to fully embrace the incredible diversity that photography offers. It’s not a lack of direction but a conscious appreciation of the myriad ways photography can enrich our visual language.

These days, I focus primarily on personal projects that revolve around wildlife and landscape photography. This is where my passion for wildlife, landscapes, and nature converges with my love for photography. It’s a deeply fulfilling endeavour that allows me to capture the beauty and essence of the natural world while continually honing my craft.

However, my journey as a photographer has been a continuous exploration of the art form’s potential, and I’m excited to bring this wealth of experience and perspective to my work in design and photography here in Canada.

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